Friday, June 18, 2010

New hopes,new state of mind(fingers crossed)

The 24th of this month marks a year since Nevaeh has been diagnosed. ALot has happened in a year,good,sad, and heartbreaking. Most of all a peace that I thought would never be found was found. Under so much pain and confusion,under so much anger and frustration. I can finnally breathe. I can finnally feel the peace i have been longing for. Though i have to reach out to God and ask for his help,I have it! Finnally. I know it sounds crazt to some.I know it does.But i have no other optionn except to lose my mind,my hope and my family.Because you go into a depression so fierce that you forget you have other children and a spouse. You forget that there is a world outside your hospital room or outside you house....
I have a speck of faith left in my heart and i gave it all to him. He has gave me grace in an abundance form and peace like no other ive ever had! So i celebrate my daughters year mark! no matter how much it stil may hurt from time to time,i embrace her life and Thank God for it all!!

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