Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Thanxgiving!!!!!

God has given me so much to be thankful for.
Here is my list of what I am grateful for:
First and for most I am Thankful for my Salvation
I am Thankful for my husband who Loves me so very much
He is my prince charming and my soul mate.
He shows me God is true and knows what is right.
I am Thankful for my oldest child Antony,
who gives me so much to be proud of.
Through him I see Hope only God can give.
I am Thankful for My second child Fili,
who through his autism has shown me God's Patience
and my goals.
I am Thankful for my munchkin Mateo,
who shows me with God all things are possible!
Through his disability I see God's light.
I am Thankful for my Princess Nevaeh,
She has shown me God is always good.He walks with me on these good days
and he carries me through the bad days.
I am Thankful for my family,
for my family in my church
and for my family in my life.
Through them I see God's peace and Love
I am thankful for the new family(sarah and her family)I have in my life.
Through them God shows me new beginnings.
I am Thankful for so many people in my life.
I am so very Thankful for the good days God gives me with my family.
And also for the bad one's because he always gives me HOPE!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Lion Princess

My daughter Princess Nevaeh is and always will be a fighter.Those who know her no that she was made special.Her spirit is a of a fighter,of a great warrior, of a couragous Lion.She has a strength that only God can give and a hope that only he created.Many days I lay at night wondering ,what is God trying to show me or say? My daughter is my gift from God he gave her to me for
a special reason.I pray everyday that he lets me keep her.I pray everyday he gives me strength like she has.I pray that he gives me the courage he gives her.What a Couragous Lion I have.She is my Princess,My Lion Princess!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The New Me

I am not the person I was before
That person is Gone!
The one who cared what others thought of her.
The person who thought about future plans,
She's gone!
The person who loved doing her hair,
and going to the nail shop,
The one who had lunch with her friends,
and planned weekend trips with her husband,
She's gone!
The one who took her place is much diffrent:
She doesnt make plans
She refuses to think of the future
She has very few friends because she knows not everyone sticks around.
She's scared to say aloud her true feelings and thoughts,
Not because of what others might think,but because of what she herself might think.
The new Me cries way too much!Way more than the Me that left.
She feels way more emotions and has way more fears.
She questions God's plans alot,even though she knows he knows best.
Her heart breaks everyday,
Her vallies are deeper and her storms brutal.
My whole world has flipped upside down,
My days of sunshine are few in between,How much more will my heart break??
As I stand and watch my whole world become unravled,
I still have a grain of faith that God does have a plan.
I still believe only he gives me peace.
If that didnt exist I would hold nothing,
No hope,
No peace,
Nothing but heartache,
and sadness.
As I sit here now,I wait for my small ray of sunshine....
Thats all thats left to do.