Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I often wondered will this past year fade from our minds
well it be a thought that will just be too hard to find,
I want to always remember my daughter battle,
her ups and her downs
her smiles and her frowns
I want to remember her triumph!!
It reminds me of how great is our Lord
How he heals our hearts with his word
I can feel him saying"this verse is for you."
When those days are bad I remember those verses in my heart
and those are what helps me from falling apart.
I want to tell her one day of how she won her battle with Cancer!
how do I know she will win??? In the bible I found that answer!
I have opened a new door of Hope and faith.
a door covered with pink butterflies and white daisies galore
Filled with Love and tons of Peace all behind this door.
im not sure of much in this life,
But I do know God's love is true
And with this you can go through all that you do

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