Saturday, October 10, 2009


Escaping my world
Driving in the rain
Trying to look out the window pane;
Attempting to escape everyday life
Wanting to enjoy being a mother and a wife;
No more doctors, no more reminders
No more medicines, no more binders;
Just for one enjoyable day!!
I’d like to keep all thoughts of CANCER at bay!
Heavy raindrops falling from the skies
Fogging up all the vision of my eyes;
Trying to see beyond the haze
Yearning to see sunnier days.
A long drive a head
Looking forward to that cozy hotel bed;
A cooler full of snacks and drinks
Watching how its contents slowly shrinks.
Movies to keep us entertained
Windows to see how much it has rained;
A room full of LAUGHTER and JOY
A backpack full of coloring books and many a toy.
Escaping my world for a day
Brings more JOY than I could ever say;
Enjoying each other for awhile
Hearing GIGGLES and seeing my kids SMILE;
A day full of PEACE and grace
Admiring the sense of relief on my husband’s face.
For one whole day, no more sickness; no more pain
No more sadness no more rain….

1 comment:

  1. Hey girl, it looks like the kiddos had fun! Glad you got to go do something together!