Friday, October 30, 2009

Make a diffrence

Some days are filled with anger and uncertainty
Thinking what this world is thinking of
Letting children die everyday
Wondering why children have to have so much pain
Looking in my babies faces
Wishing I could take it all away
Knowing I go through it with them every day
People are so unaware of what is happening to our babies’ lives
So much can help but still we all stand still and do nothing
People always ask me “what can I do to help you?”
There is soooo much we all could do
You can actually save a child’s life
You can make a difference in families’ homes
You can make a mommy feel relief that she so badly needs
You can make a daddy feel his heart begin to mend
You can give them a future they might not otherwise have
Do you not get it? Do you not understand?
You worry about how much it might hurt,
You think I’m too scared of what might happen
Well think about what these kids go through every second of every day
Think how they puke their insides out over and over everyday
Think how their mouths and stomachs get full of painful sores
Think of how they can barely eat or drink
Or how they are screaming when they poke and prod them
How they get spinal taps once a week, then once a month
Think how they have to see themselves with no hair
As they hear kids ask are you a boy or a girl?
Think what that does to them
Think about the foreign objects in their bodies
And the poisons they have to take every day
In order to survive another day
It’s not that hard at all!
You can make a difference in so many children’s lives.

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