Friday, October 2, 2009

there is a scent of fear in the air,
cureable only by a prayer.
so many feelings seem to stir,
none at the time i prefer.
all of them seem to be full of confusion,
some of these days feel like an illusion.
i feel a peace i know for sure,
but i am still hopeing for a cure!
today may be a good day,
where pain&sickness seems at bay...
but tomorrow brings a diffrent time,
a whole other mountain of pain to climb.
emotions are still so raw,
under a rock i sometimes want to crawl!
OK! i want to know is this how we all feel?
Does your world seem to be standing still?
Does all of this seem so unreal?
For me it does!
For me i want stuff the way it was!
i want life before the pain
before my fight in this never ending rain!
I got the Lord by myside,
causeing my pain to slowly subside.
if not for him the pain would over flow,
and continue to daily grow...
take over everyday through and through,
more pain than i ever knew.
but i know deep in my heart,
he knows her destany from the start.
SOmetimes thats hard for me to see
sometimes i dont understand why this is the way life has to be.
GRR! i hate that i do this!
Look beyond the pain! And see his bliss!
This is my emotions,up and down,
sometimes in self pity i feel i may drown!
One day all this pain will gone
a new life for us the Lord has drawn
no more sorrow,no more pain,
no more feeling like in going insane
no more sadness no more grief,
soon it will be comeplete relief.
streets of gold
and the babys lost that god will hold!
the families torin apart ny death
finnally i can catch my breath!
I cant wait for that day of 100%peace
all the worries i will get to release.
til then lets pray for grace
til the day we can beat this race!


  1. Love you sweet friend. I can't wait for that day of 100% peace either!

  2. Mary Alice OlascuagaOctober 3, 2009 at 6:21 PM

    Amy & Nevaeh, I love ya'll, your poems touch me deeply don't ever stop not even when our princess is healed, I love ya'll, tell her that she is also my princess.