Monday, October 12, 2009


Yesterday I was able to go to church and my husband stayed with Nevaeh. Of course i had a million things going through my head,but one thing that touched my heart,that I needed to hear was something the preacher said.It was as if God said this is for you Amy....
He said that God has a precious plan for your life!
I thought about it and I of course don't fully understand why God wanted me to take care of these precious children he gave me,i don't see why he thought i could take good care of two children with disabilities and a daughter with cancer.But i do see that for my children and all the other little children he does have a plan!
He has aplan for our precious Jenna,there was a reason for her going to heaven so early!He has a plan for fili and that adorable Alex that both have autism!God wants to show us how awesome they really are!LOL!There is a reason for Mateo's disability,one day in heaven he will hear all he needs to hear.The first voice he will hear clearly is God's voice!How cool is that!!!That has to make you envious!!God has a plan for my princess and all the other princesses with cancer!He has a plan for the little boys that are fighting this evil disease.He will make our children warriors!I read a blog that touched my heart so profoundly,actually all these blogs touch my heart.It made me so that the devil is attacking our world.And this world is full of evil people and scary diseases!our children are caught in the crossfire.but know that God is not letting this happen to us for no reason.our heart are not breaking in vain,our children's suffering is not in vain.Their pain is not going unnoticed.God has a precious plan for our lives.Even though sometimes we feel alone,confused and scared.He is there.That's what makes him God.He knows what to do even when we don't.He doesn't want our children to suffer in this wicked world.I don't know his plan for me and my children, but i do know he has one.I have to put it all in his hands so he can work it all out.I know we don't like seeing our children in pain or hearing them cry or seeing them so sick.I tear up every time i think of Nevaeh's valley.But that's just it,its a valley.God will see her through this valley and have his way to what happens next.Let his precious plan play out.That is easier said then done,but it day by day,minute by minute,second by second!


  1. thinking of you! I am glad you were able to go to church and you got a break today from the clinic. rest and enjoy!