Friday, October 23, 2009

Sea of Tears

Sea of Tears
There are days when all you can do is cry
Where you feel all your hope and cheer will just die
Those moments when your tears seem to never want to end
When you heart feels like will never again mend
Like you can barely catch a breath
Your fears and thoughts are leaning toward death
The future is dark and bleak
Your faith seems altogether weak
You sit and think and try to have a normal day
And keep all these horrid thoughts at bay
The tears start to flow
Will this pain ever just go?
You’re in a sea of tears
Your mind is conquered by all your heartrenching fears
Take a deep breath and get down on your knees
Pray for the Lord to send you peace
You go about your day
Continuing the prayer you always say
It’s time for bed
And as soon as you lay down your head
You are swimming in that grieving sea
This is not where you really want to be
You want the Lord to hear your prayer
And tell him this is all Lord my heart can bear
You want him to hear your cry
And answer your question WHY?
Then you think is he even here?
Can he hear my heart and prayer?
Does he know my heart aches?
Does he know it every second of the day breaks?
You wonder does anyone even care
This all just doesn’t seem fair!
Sometimes you feel no one is around
Like in your sea of tears you might have drowned
One thing in all you pain you must know
There is someone that knows your every woe
God our savior knows what’s in your heart
He knows the fears that tears you apart
Go to him with all this you feel
He to you can feel so real
He s there even when you’re not sure
Only he has the cure
He gives you a peace that is always there
He knows your heart and every future fear
He walks with you every single day
And carries you when your tears feel like the Hudson bay.
Peace, Grace and Love
All sent from God above

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