Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Warrior Princess

My Little Warrior Princess,how strong and mighty you seem to me.
How much Grace you have upon thee.
How powerful your Lord must be,
to have given you this great strength I see.
Even on those dark bleek days
you seem to have a smile at play
Your heart is loveing and at peace
a glow about you seems to release

You are my warrior so strong and brave,
all this to you God he gave.
If only I could be so strong,
If only I didnt know what all could go wrong.
If only I knew the RIGHT answer,
to help you beat this evil cancer.

My warrior princess so pretty and bright
May God contiune to give you his light.
May he carry you through this valley
and see you through to the finale.
So long a journey left to go
you are a strong warrior princess with a powerful glow.
Given to you by God up above
Made with his 100% love


  1. how is naveh doing? we keep in closer contact through facebook. my wife's name is rea bassett search her and add her. it would be great to talk more freely to other cancer parents.

  2. So powerful poem, so beautiful...what a princess..and so strong. She must get her strength from God and you. Do you have facebook?
    If you do look me up as Rea Bassett , that is how I get in touch with all my family and friends. Take care, please give me hugs and kisses to her and other kids.