Friday, September 25, 2009

being grateful

SOmetimes the world can seem so dark&grey
often it seems like you really dont want to hear what someone has to say
you feel disappointed in the way your life seems to be
You feel "why oh why is this happening to me!"
On those days that this is true
Know that there will come a day anew
when you will see a ray of light
shining just before your sight
God doesnt want your hear to have pain
he wants you to see the light beyond the rain
He wants you to know he knows your heart
hes known it all right from the start
Noone else can ever understand your hearts strain
noone else goes down the same lane
its never the same what people endure
every pain is diffrent but always pure
I know somedays its too dark to see the illuminating light in the skies
Its hard to see beyond the haze in your eyes
But just know it is there!
there is a God in the calm air
He will give you grace&help you get beyond this dreery place
He will give you hope &give you the strength to once again cope.

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