Sunday, September 27, 2009

good days

Nevaeh has been haveing some awesome days here latey.Everything is seeming almost normal on some moments.Its hard to be 100%relieved because we know at any time things can change.Its kinda wierd because her hair is growing and im thinking HUH?I thought it was suppose to be falling out.but it still is falling out.Its very very its growing you can see her scalp.LOL!She looks like a baby monkey with her hair like that!ITS ADORABLE!!Fili(MY HUBBY) wanted to shave it for her so it wouldnt look too bad but she said no,she wants to leave it like that.So its gonna stay like that til shes ready to cut it.Today my dear friend Fran(shes my single person support group!)LOL! gave me a book written by a little boy named mattie.Its called Journey through heartsongs.There is a poem that he wrote that I just loved.Here it goes i hope you enjoy it as much as i did.
Do you know what angels wear?they wear
Angel-halos and Angel-wings,and Angel-dresses and Angel-shirts under them,and Angel underwear and Angel-shoes and Angel-socks,and on their heads They wear
Angel-hair-Except if they dont have any hair.
Some children and grown-ups don't have any hair because they HAve to take medicine that makes it fall out.And sometimes,the medicine makes them all better.And sometimes the medicine doesn't make them all better,and they die.And they don't have any Angel-hair.So do you know what God does then?
He gives them an Angel-wig.And thats what Angels wear.

Ive learned something through this journey we are traveling God gives our children such grace,a grace that we can never understand.I pray daily for the grace he gives me and sometimes I still feel like my heart is overflowing with pain,like i will never fully catch my breathe,like if i blink tears will explode from my soul out of my eyes.My daughter has the innocent grace that i yern for,she shows me that God will supply hope,grace and mercy..

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  1. That was probably one of my favorite poems by Mattie! It is beyond adorable