Friday, September 25, 2009

Last-night I sat outside starring into the heavenly skies,
when coming out of the darkness i see with my squinting eyes
a tiny beautiful bird
i could not say even a single word...
she took away my breath with her glorious light,
she was an angel, i knew with all my might!
She sang a song so pure&sweet
as she landed by me&at my feet..
her beauty&song brought tears to my eyes,
I wondered why she would leave the heavenly skies.
She brought to me such PEACE& HOPE,
I knew right then i had reason to cope!
I had hope for what the future brings,
I knew all this as the little bird sings..
She told me about a garden I should create,
i knew this i had to do it just could not wait!
a garden made with HOPE&LOVE,
shared with my little bird sent from the heavens above...

1 comment:

  1. Amy, I beyond adore this picture! Did you draw it? It is so perfect for this beautiful, inspiring poem. Thank you so much! It makes me want to cry