Monday, September 28, 2009


Sometimes at night
when sleep seems like a losing fight.
I tap on the window pane
staring out through the rain.
up into the heavenly skies
wiping running tears from my eyes.
I say aloud unto the Lord
"Here me Jesus,here my every word.
Protect my daughter through this storm
let a hedge around her form.
Give her fight to beat this war
let her courage&grace through you soar.
Give me grace oh,Lord
give me something through your word.
Allow me strength,
to get beyond this place,
this place of sadness &uncertainess
the place where in your arms i can rest
I know that its all in your hands
I see ur footsteps in the sands."
There are those days when i feel like i just cant breathe
those are the days i continuously get down on my knees
and fight through the tears,
and undeniable fears;
And thank him for all his love
and all his mercy sent from above!
"Thank you Oh,LORD for all you do
all my pain you already knew
I give it all to you my LORD
as you fight my battles with your mighty sword!
Thank you...
in Jesus name

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