Friday, September 25, 2009

my daughter has a fight,
that she will attempt to conquier with all her might.
its a fight that with her life she will have to pay,
its a fight that keeps us to continuously pray.
SO far so good,
God kept his promise like he said he would!
some days are good,some are bad,
some are just too overwhelmly sad.
i cant let her see me weak,
or have anything sad to speak.
she sees her mommy strong,
she doesnt always seem to know something is wrong.
she doesnt know her life is at steak,
she doesnt know everyday my heart continues to break!
it seems all so unfair ,
so much more anguish than i can bear.
im always on the verge of tears,
so many overwhelming fears.
so much that scares my heart ,
only God keeps me from just falling apart.
She seems so strong in her fight,
she plans her future without a fright.
she wants to be a hockey player and a physician,
she is a little girl on a mission!
she wants to be a ballet dancer,
but first she wants to beat this cancer!
She cant wait for her next birthday
she counts the days til the 2nd of May!
I wish i could be like her and not worry what tomorrow may bring
I leave it up to our father the king.
I have faith in his word
I give it all to God,our LORD!
My daughter is a warrior of this disease
she will beat it,it will be a breeze!
Dont forger my daughter's fight,
help us pray for her every single night.
let her know shes on your mind,
thank you for your words and prayers so kind.
remember her on the days of good and the days of bad
remember even the good days can be so sad

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