Wednesday, September 30, 2009

my fairy princess

my daughter is a fairy princess,complete with ribbon &lace
filled with god's mercy&his grace
Shes smart&sweet
and as lovely as she can be
I love her more than i can say
more&more which each passing day
She is a princess on a mission
with a battle thats in remission
shes fighting against cancer
as we wait along the side line for an answer
what is God's will?what is is that he may see?
Is this the way he wants her life to be?
Thats why he gave her the heart she holds
made more precious than the rarest Golds
He gave her more Grace than you or I
All of his Love sent from the heavenly sky
He gave me fairy little princess for me to love
he sent her to me from the great heavens above
He knows her will
he wants me to just keep still
let him write her journey of where he wants her to be
does he want her with him or will she stay with me
See the Lord is a writer just as Iam
he writes every detail from the petals to the stem
He writes our journies in his book of life
he knows her pain cuts me open like a knife
My fairy princess has such a fight
it all just doesnt seem right!
(SIGH)she will be fine,she will get through
Shes got lots of prayers and loveing people too
who want her to win her fight against her disease
and to have us all finnally be at ease
My fairy little princess sent from above
sent to me for all of GOD'S LOVE

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