Monday, September 28, 2009


life is often oblivious to our joys and fears
it cares not about our heartaches &tears
it worries not of what we want out of it
or how sometimes the obstacles it brings makes us want to quit
i wonder what life expects of us too
does it expect me to be like you
my heart break each&every day
i don't always know exactly what to feel or say
i have hopes&joys
a beautiful daughter &3 precious boys
a spouse that loves me with all my many afault
my progress always seems to come to a hault
nothing goes as planned
it feels as though Ive fallen in quicksand
the more i reach towards the Lord
the more i yearn for his word
the more i feel as though my world goes upside down
my hopes and progress seem to sink and drown
i am so very blessed
i should not feel so stressed
but the flesh takes over and i am in a daze
a daze that is such a craze
that i cannot control my tears
i cannot forget all my heartrending fears
so much runs through my mind
a glimpse of his grace i cannot find
it all seems so dreadfully far
it leaves everything so bizarre
life makes its own unbalanced turns
without a thought or any concerns
so i try with all my heart
to give it all to him so i can keep from falling apart
so i can stay sane,and let him have my pain
cancer is a word life throws at you and expects you to duck
but in reality it feels like your heart has been run over by a truck
it feels like you cannot breath
like a person overdosing on chrystal meth!
what a weird thought to run through my head,that's something i should not have said
but these are my thoughts and what gives me fright
these are things that blurs my sight!
i want it all to go away
i want my old life before the cancer, to comeback&stay
life has always brought me hurdles to jump
but this is just a huge never ending bump
This is my heart today,tomorrow is a new hopeful day
maybe in this new day i will see light
i will pray for this with all my might
i yearn for his peace and his grace
i want to get to that mountain and stay in that place
in heaven this life i will not own
i will no longer be made of flesh and bone
my heart will no longer ache
this pain i will no longer have to take
that day my children will have no sickness and no pain
it will stop this never ending rain
this storm that lives over my head
that makes me want to hide in my bed
i can see over the cloud sunshine wanting to peek through
wanting to tell me ther is hope it is all true
i hope you dont misunderstand me here
this is all in a day that i let in fear
somedays are nice and fair
i have not a worry or a scare
those days i find peace and hope
i feel then i can swim afloat
i pray for those days to last
and the bad ones to hurry and pass
one day this will be over and done
and i will always seen the gistening sun

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  1. I love you, Amy. Hang in there. Prayers and love to the sky