Tuesday, September 29, 2009


GRACE is a strong word
Given to me only by the LORD
waking up in the early day
seems harder then i can say
thinking of the future planned
hurts more then i can dare to stand
knowing there are chances of no hope
is more pain then i can cope
I know those thoughts i have to let go
i see a dandiloin,make a wish &blow!
Wish for a peaceful heart,
Pray for grace from the start
Wishing i had no heart to break
praying to GOD my pain he'll take
He today has given me his GRACE
giving it to me in his own pace
just enough so i can inhale
watching my worries in an imaginary boat far way sail
Praying for this feeling to stay forever
wishing to have the sadness to return never
I see her smile
it makes my heart flutter,just a little while
i hear her laughter,and her giggles
and watch when i tickle her belly how she wiggles!
Today i have HOPE and PEACE
my uncertailty has finnally come to cease
I want to LIVE a new day
come each moment as it may

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