Friday, September 25, 2009

i wrote this the 1st month of nevaeh's treatment

I woke up this morning missing her face,missing my life before we got to this place.
missing all the thing about her that make her smile
the smile that makes everything worthwhile.
Im missing the sparkle in her eye
the one that makes all your frustrations say good bye.
Some days are harder to cope, it will all be the same soon...i hope.
her days are better than before,
I am grateful for his open door
but somedays are harder than others
I guess its a pain that is understandable by all mothers.
Its silly to ponder on the rough here and now
these bad thoughts i should not allow
Shes doing better than she could
she's actually doing pretty good!!
I sometimes wonder how she may feel
with all the confustion in her ordeal
if i could stop her pain...
if i could stop the unstoppable rain..
i would take it all away
and make her good moments stay
she's in God's precious hands
i give it to him,he has his plans
Only he can make it all better
So I vent all my confusion in this letter

1 comment:

  1. This makes me want to cry. I miss her too. ;(

    I love you so much, Amy. Your blog is absolutely beautiful! I hope and pray you find the support you need. I am here for you, dear friend. XX